Where learning and healing meet!

What Sparrow Academy Offers

      At Sparrow Academy, our staff is trained in trauma informed approaches to learning.  This means that we work to understand the root of problems and then develop a plan to correct the underlying cause, not just the symptoms.

     We guide students toward total physical, mental, and emotional development through activities which are student-centered and which focus on positive expectations and encourage intrinsic motivation.

       At Sparrow Academy, we engage students in meaningful learning through the use of multiple intelligence and cooperative learning.   Our students are guided in using technology to enhance their learning.  Our program is designed to effectively incorporate outdoor learning into the curriculum, as well as providing opportunities for students to gain life skills through practical, life application lessons.

     Finally, at Sparrow Academy we lead students to becoming self-aware.  Through guided relaxation and social skills instruction, our students learn to understand their emotions and how to manage these emotions to become well-balanced and successful citizens.