Kindergarten-Eighth Grade Program

​        Sparrow Academy offers a unique educational opportunity that exemplifies and honors a peaceful and compassionate way of life.  What is peace?  Peace is not the absence of noise, trouble or hard work. It is to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.  In order to reach this lofty goal, we will strive daily to take time to build meaningful relationships, to support our children, to understand who they really are and how we can best help each individual reach their maximum potential.  In the words of Maya Angelou, "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” With this in mind, we will endeavor to make all children feel important, contributing members of the community.
       The educational program at the Sparrow Academy is based on the paradigm of Emotional Regulation.  Emotional Regulation is grounded on the premise that social, emotional, and behavioral challenges are symptoms of a disorganized brain. Optimal organization of the brain and our stress response system develop early in life and depends on the health of our earliest relationships and environment. The brain, whether optimally developed and organized or not, becomes the boss of our emotions, socialization, and our behavior. 
       Emotional Regulation is an implicit paradigm for the treatment of trauma, attachment challenges, and dysregulation through relational, integrated neurophysiological (mind/body) interventions. It is an intervention based in relationship and always operating in the background of the organization and the family.  The faculty and staff of Sparrow Academy understand the importance of emotional regulation and increased attachment, how those processes are impacted via trauma, and how the trauma manifests in negative behaviors.  With this knowledge, we approach children through explicit, brain based methods and scientific interventions for reorganizing the brain around regulation and secure attachments.
       Once a child’s emotional regulation and attachments are increased, there will also be a decrease in negative social, emotional, and behavioral outcomes. No person acts out when they feel safe. At Sparrow Academy we work to create emotionally safe and accepting relationships and environments in order to decrease acting out in the classroom and at home.  The result of building relationships is increased student achievement, a decrease in classroom disruptions, and improved, overall health.  
        In addition to obtaining an emotionally regulated lifestyle, children attending Sparrow Academy will gain from the following comprehensive and innovative approaches:

Multiple Intelligence and Cooperative Learning

     At Sparrow Academy, our teachers approach instruction in a cooperative manner.  We understand that children must develop skills to work with one another in order to be successful in life.  We also understand that learning is most effective when children are actively engaged.  Cooperative learning ensures at least 50% of the class is engaged at all times and many cooperative structures yield 100% student engagement at one time.  Coupled with cooperative learning structures, all lessons will be designed to meet the tenets of multiple intelligences as defined by Howard Gardner.  Lessons will be delivered in such a way so that each child will be taught in a manner that matches his learning style, but will also call on other intelligences, therefore stretching the child to develop in other intellectual areas as well.  At Sparrow Academy, we celebrate the diversity of all learners.   

     Students at Sparrow Academy will be taught the body of knowledge regarding learning how to learn.  Children will gain an understanding of themselves by understanding how they best learn.  At Sparrow Academy, children will be guided to finding what strategies are most helpful in building their knowledge.  While this approach will include basic study skills, it will go beyond simply teaching a set of memory tricks.  Children will be introduced to neuroscience and how the brain processes information.  By understanding these processes, children will begin to realize they have the power of learning within their control.

Outdoor Learning

     Children at Sparrow Academy will take part in outdoor learning through the use of our outdoor classroom.  The philosophy of outdoor classrooms says that all children need and benefit from more time outdoors. This benefit affects development and learning. It is critical for physical health. Development and learning outdoors is often easier and more beneficial than it is indoors. Full development and integration of outdoor and indoor programs creates the optimal learning and growing environment for all children.

Self-Awareness and Relaxation Techniques

     Sparrow Academy will help children become self-aware.  Self-Awareness is having a clear perception of our personality, including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions. Self-Awareness allows children to understand other people, how the child is perceived by others, and our attitude and responses to others in the moment.  As we develop self-awareness we are able to make changes in the thoughts and interpretations we make in our mind. Changing the interpretations in our mind allows us to change our reactions.
         At Sparrow Academy we understand the benefits that are achieved by taking time to calm our bodies and brains.  Some of the proven benefits of relaxation are lower blood pressure, reduced stress levels and the risk of heart disease, improved learning capabilities, and enhanced confidence and creativity. Relaxation in children has also shown signs of decreasing conflicts amongst children, improved test scores and overall grades, brings forward new interests and enables the child to cope with stress easily. 
        For all children, school can be a stressful experience, with worries about peer pressure, studying, future decisions, and family issues. Relaxation in school provides children with an opportunity to give contemplation to their concerns and clear their mind of any thought causing tension. Through doing this, they are able to focus more on the task at hand and absorb more information.  

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